Apple MLNC2 TV (New) 64GB

Apple MLNC2 TV (New) 64GB
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Apple [MLNC2] TV (New) 64GB
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Apple [MLNC2] TV (New) 64GB 

The Apple TV MLNC2E/A employs a boatload of state of the art technologies that will forever change the way you perceive home entertainment. This Apple TV 4th Generation features Siri that offers apps such as Netflix, Hulu, and iTunes that let you watch all your favorite films and TV shows whenever you want, however you want. You can even give voice commands to view content that you want to watch. The Apple TV remote feels natural and gentle as it has a glass touch surface. You can navigate around your screen by scrolling, swiping, and selecting. To view apps that you have used recently, simply tap the Home button twice. HD cinematic screen savers of stunning locations from the world have been featured on the Apple TV 4 that are displayed when the gadget is not actively in use. The screen savers have been shot primarily for the Apple TV and provide an artistic feel. This gadget offers a storage capacity of 64GB.


The Apple MGY52E/A TV takes the concept of Artificial Intelligence to a new level. Siri is smarter than ever as it helps you find the movie or TV show you are looking for. Simply say the name of the film or show and Siri will search for it. For example, you can tell Siri that you want to watch a Hulu or Netflix show. You can even give specific instructions and Siri will comply. For example, you can tell Siri to search for science fiction films released in the 1970s, and it will provide a list of all the movies from the Science Fiction genre that released between 1970 to 1980. You can then narrow your search further by saying ‘Only the good ones.’ Siri will then use Rotten Tomatoes reviews to present only those films that are critically acclaimed. You can even command Siri to reduce loud sounds, which augments dialogue and lowers music and sound effects, enabling you to hear the dialogues more clearly. In case you can’t understand a line from the film or TV show you are currently watching, you can ask ‘What did he just say?’ and Siri will skip back and turn on closed captioning to let you see what you missed.



The Apple TV box includes an advanced Siri Remote that has a precise touch surface. You can navigate around the screen using your thumb. The concept of clicking buttons to find what you want is long gone. Every move you make is mirrored on your TV screen. Furthermore, you can click anywhere on the glass Touch Surface to make your selection. Moreover, since this TV features Bluetooth, you do not have to point the remote at the TV all the time. It picks up commands from your remote from anywhere in the room.

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