Hisense 40K220PW Full HD Smart LED TV

Hisense 40K220PW Full HD Smart LED TV
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Hisense [40K220PW] Full HD Smart LED TV
AED 849.00
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Product Description

Hisense 40" Full HD Smart Television 40K220PW

Full HD Display
With 1920 x 1080 Full high definition resolution, 1080 horizontal lines create stunning details and crystal-clear vibrant colours to form a brilliantly realistic picture.

Built-In Wi-Fi connectivity
Connect Seamlessly to the Internet or your home network via built in Wi-Fi and ethernet.

Social TV
Discover and enjoy the pleasure of using facebook from and angle that brings social media to a new level, and discover and explore the trending tweets of the world from your couch

Wi-Fi Display
Wi-Fi Display offers a solution to seemlessly share your favouritemusic, photo or videos from your cellphone/tablet on TV without cables or internet connection. No messy cables or memory cards, Its that simple with Wi-Fi display

Pure Colour
Treat your eyes to Pure Colour, Simply put - Superior clarity, Brilliant colour reproduction and the illusion of objects reaching out and inviting you into the story. LED technology brings vibrant colours and a new level of picture clarity by constantly adapting to the images on the screen, producing great detail.

Narrow Frame 
The Slim Design makes the TV set look edgless and the screen area bigger. It Appears slimmer and nearly eliminates the image frame for a seamless viewing expreience.

MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link)
Multi-Screen to your hearts content! Connect an MHL enabled smartphone, tablet or other MHL enabled device with an MHL cable, and display videos, pictures and apps from your mobile device.

100Hz Smooth Motion
100Hz Smooth Motion technology is a Hisense developed motion compensating technology to enhance clarity in fast moving images. This technology is achieved by inserting in-between video frames. In Australia, the video standard is a 50-Hertz broadcast signal, therefore by interpolating an extra frame between every pair of frames in the signal the display runs at 100Hz reducing motion blur. The 100Hz feature is perfect for sports lovers as images appear more fluid, smooth and clear.

LED edge lit LCD TV
Edge LED lit panel - LEDs are mounted around the edges of a light conducting material which disperses light across the screen. This configuration allows manufacturing of very thin LCD image panels. LED- Light Emitting Diode (LED) is a solid-state semiconductor device that converts electrical energy directly into light. In the latest panels for television LED replaces CCFL as source of light behind the LCD panel.

USB Media Player
Hisense USB Media Player function allows you to enjoy not only photos or music, but also HD movie files directly in your TV. You can easily share media files stored in other devices by plugging it into the USB port and acessing the files via the DMP (Digital Media Player ) from the Hisense TV menu.

Smart Backlight Technology
Smart backlighting technology divides the backlighting into192 zones, allowing each zone to be controlled individually according to the picture (signal source) received to determine the brightness. This technology provides more accurate control of backlighting energy used based on the picture (signal source) received, increases picture quality and reduces energy consumption due to its increased accuracy in backlight control.

- Zoom Function
- Dolby Digital Audio
- Lip-Sync Adjustment
- Favourite Channel list
- Personal Video Recorder
- Vesa Wallmount Support
- Built-In Wifi
- DLNA Compliant
- IPTV compliant
- Ethernet Compliant

- Full HD 40" Display 1920 x 1080
- 3000:1 Contrast Ratio
- 280 NITS Brightness
- 6.5ms Response Time
- 2.4Ghz Wifi
- RJ45 10/100 Network Cable
- Backlight Control
- Audio Equalizer

Android Apps Bundled: 
- Picasa
- Browser
- Facebook
- Twitter

- 3 x HDMI
- 1 x MHL Input
- 1 x RF input
- 1 x Component Triple jack
- 1 x USB Interface
- 1 x Optical Output (SPDif)
- 1 x Earphone jack
- 1 x Serial Port
- 1 x RJ45 Network Port

- Dimensions: 1031mm x 650mm x 220mm

 Weight: 8.5kg

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SKU 78128
Brands Hisense
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Screen Flat
Display 1080P (Full- HD)
Screen Size 32 Inches- 55 Inches
Color Black
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