Logic3 i Station Clock Radio Time Cube White

Logic3 i Station Clock Radio Time Cube White
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Logic3 i Station TimeCube Clock Radio
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Logic3 i Station TimeCube Clock Radio

As far as bed side units go this 9cm cube is tiny but still allows you to use and charge your iPod or iPhone as well as have FM radio and even an auxiliary input all of these are choices to wake you from your slumbers or lull you to sleep.

The front has a 6.5x6cm orange alpha numeric screen this is divided into three horizon strips the top one is a line of graphics to say which mode you are, the middle one is day, date and month and finally the bottom line is time.

The top line only shows when the unit is switched on; the middle line is in 1cm tall characters while the bottom line has 2cm tall characters. There are three light intensities but in bed I found all but the dimmest far too bright.

The top of the cube has a total of ten touch buttons each with a graphic. The rear has Line-In and DC-In sockets as well as outlet for the wire FM aerial.

The first five pages of the Instruction Manual are in English and while there is a detailed diagram of the face, there is only a tiny illustration of the whole cube so the individual buttons are not shown in detail, nor is their a rear view at all. The text covers the various settings in quite adequate detail to allow setting everything up without problem.

The sides of the cube are the speakers and while the volume level is not huge it should be more than enough for the average bedroom. I see from the second link at the end that the cube is also available in white while mine was black as in the first link.

The alarm can be set for Monday-Friday or for all seven days of the week. You can choose what to use for the wake up. Sleep mode can be 15-30-45-60 minutes.

The FM radio is quite reasonable and has six presets available. The auto search does work quite well and is reasonably quick. My one proviso as it has no battery back up what happens in the event of a power cut I found removing the power for a few seconds did not effect the time/date etc as when the power was returned so did the display.

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