Mohzy 00053-20212 Micro USB Cable Iphone 5 Ocean Bar

Mohzy 00053-20212 Micro USB Cable Iphone 5 Ocean Bar
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Mohzy [00053-20212] Micro USB Cable Iphone 5 Ocean Bar
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The Mohzy loop USB to micro USB and iPhone/iPod cable combines fashion and utility into one simple product for most Apple iPhones, iPads and iPods, Android smartphones and Blackberry devices. The flat loop cable provides battery charging and data transfer for all micro USB devices and the included Apple dock connector adaptor lets you charge Apple products with the same cable.

Hidden magnets inside the cable let you clip the cable onto any metallic surface like a cubicle wall, computer tower or fridge. Clip it for easy access or hold up important memos and photographs.

The magnets transform your cable into a loop that can be worn as a bracelet or wristband or hooked onto a bag for easy transportation. The magnets will not interfere with or damage to other electronic equipment while the flat profile of the cable allows for easy storage in your purse, bag or briefcase without worry about it getting tangled with your other stuff.

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