Nintendo DS 3D Harvest Moon The Lost Valley GP

Nintendo DS 3D Harvest Moon The Lost Valley GP
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Nintendo DS 3D Harvest Moon The Lost Valley [GP]
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A new evolution of Harvest Moon! Hiking your way through the mountains one day, you become caught in an unexpected snowstorm and find shelter with the help of a faint voice. When you awaken, you find and help a kindly Harvest Sprite buried under the snow, who tells you all of the seasons in the valley have vanished except for winter. To return all four seasons to the valley, you'll need the help of the villagers, the Harvest Sprites, the Harvest Goddess, and even the King of the Underworld.This is the first Harvest Moon game with a full 3D setting, allowing you to dig, stack, and till the soil any way you like. Build bridges that can help you reach places you couldn't reach before. Dig waterways to create beautiful waterfalls and rivers. Customize your field and living space in any way you see fit.

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