Samsung 60 Inch Full HD LED TV 60H6003

Samsung 60 Inch Full HD LED TV 60H6003
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Samsung 60 Inch Full HD LED TV 60H6003
AED 3,359.00
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The 60inch Samsung UA60H6003AR LED television gives your access to your favorite television shows and movies in stunning high definition. Featuring a Full HD display, you will enjoy a truly marvelous and enriched experience on this device. With some amazing picture quality and image reproduction, you can enjoy all your football matches with the Soccer Mode integrated with this impeccable device. What's more, this seamless device also features a USB port integrated into it. So now, you can plug in your portable hard drives or memory devices directly into this television for fast and convenient access to all your favorite movies, pictures, and even your favorite soundtracks.

You can indulge yourself in rich and vibrant picture quality with this smart television, which enables you to watch all your favorite content in stunning high definition. Featuring a resolution which is twice as high as the standard high definition televisions, you can immerse yourself in an absolutely delightful visual experience on this TV. As it reproduces enriched colors and superior contrast, you are sure to have a memorable experience with this TV.

With the stunning Samsung UA60H6003AR, you do not need to worry about missing out on tickets to watch your favorite football matches. You can relive that vibrant stadium experience directly from this television, with the integrated Soccer Mode. With excellent color reproduction, you can enjoy a vividly entertaining experience watching your favorite team directly from your couch. Not only this, the Soccer Mode gives you sharp and crisp images with amazing contrast, enabling you to view even the minutest of details. With a powerful multi surround sound effect, you can completely immerse yourself in this visual spectacle. You can also have detailed access to different areas of the screen with the cool zoom function integrated with this mode, which gives you a better pitch view. So, you can now call all your friends over to your place and relive the electric stadium experience.

With the Samsung UA60H6003AR, not only can you have access to some entertaining television programmes, but also enjoy your favorite movies easily. You can just plug in your portable hard drive or any other memory device in the USB port integrated with this device. What’s more, you can bring back to life all your precious memories by viewing your best pictures on this big screen. You can also groove to the tunes of all your favorite tracks by just connecting your phone into this multi utility USB port.

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SKU 46998
Brands Samsung
Type LED
Screen Flat
Display 1080P (Full- HD)
Screen Size More Than 55 Inches
Color Black
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