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Selfi Stick
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Selfi Stick
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Product Description

Selfi Stick

The "SELFIE-STICK" COMPACT CAMERA BOOM helps add perspective and excitement to photos and video. Whether you want the flexibility to take great self-portraits, get above the action with your video, or get better sound when you use it as a microphone boom, the "Selfie Stick" makes it easy! Use it with any device with a standard tripod mount or attach your camera phone with the included phone mount.

Key Features

  • Use with compact cameras, camera phones, microphones or more
  • Has flexible grip head and standard 1/4" tripod thread
  • 5- Section lightweight aluminum construction

For achieving great selfies, it is essential to have a great monopod. Selfie Pod Z07-5 Selfie Stick makes a perfect companion for your smartphone or compact digital camera that helps you to click amazing selfies. It can be easily connected with all Android devices and Apple iPhones.  

This selfie stick comes with a non-slip rubber grip on its handle. It makes it easier to hold while recording videos or clicking pictures. Having a strong grip also helps you in attaining stable photo output while preventing the monopod from slipping out of your hands.

The retracted length of this selfie stick is 20 cm. You can easily store it in your bag & take it along on various trips & tours.  It can be extended up to 94 cm approximately allowing you to capture relevant background details. This monopod has load capacity of 200 grams. This Selfie Pod accessory has soft interiors that prevent your phone from getting scratched. It also has strong locks that hold the device in place while you click pictures.

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Non-Slip Rubber Grip

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Selfie Pod Z07-5 Selfie Stick has a non-slip rubber grip on its handle. You can hold it comfortably while capturing videos. This strong grip prevents the monopod from slipping out of your hands & helps in rendering stable image results.



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Selfie Pod Z07-5 Selfie Stick can be used with all Android and iOS smartphones. It is easily compatible with compact digital cameras as well. You don’t have to install any software to make this monopod function. Simply switch it on, click beautiful pictures & then turn it off. It is an extremely user-friendly product.


This Selfie Stick has foldable length of approximately 20 cm. It can be easily kept in your backpack and can be carried around. Having an extendible length of approximately 94 cm, it allows you to capture wide-angle selfies with your friends easily. This monopod is very light in weight and has load capacity of up to 200 grams. 

Ideal for Travelling Purposes

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Selfie Pod Z07-5 Selfie Stick is compact & lightweight. It can be folded to 20 cm length which makes it easily adjustable in any backpack.  You can carry it with you on your tours, trips, family events & parties. With this Selfie Pod selfie stick, you don’t have to approach a stranger for getting yourself clicked ever. This monopod is an ideal accessory for people who love to click themselves in different moods, expressions & places.  


  • Model: Z07-5S
  • Type: Monopod
  • Material: Aluminum alloy + plastic
  • Quantity: 1 set
  • Min.Height: 25cm
  • Max.Height: 105cm
  • Section Number: 7
  • Rotation: 360°
  • Max.Load: 500g
  • Compatible Models: For all iOS & Android Mobiles
  • Dimensions: 30 cm x 5.3 cm x 2.9 cm
  • Weight: 158g

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