Sony 3SWR50 Smart Watch For Android - Lime

Sony 3SWR50 Smart Watch For Android - Lime
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Sony [3SWR50] Smart Watch For Android - Lime
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SmartWatch 3 - impressive SmartWatch technology powered by Android Wear

SmartWatch 3 is a combined state-of-the-art SmartWatch and life-logging accessory powered by Android Wear. The intuitive, interactive device feeds you personalised information as you move while keeping you updated with notifications direct from your smartphone. So when a call, message, update or event is sent to you, you can view the details on your wrist and interact with both via the Lifelog app. In essence, you can explore your activity, communication and entertainment on an average day, from monitoring your sleep pattern to analysing your increasing speed on a morning jog. See how active you are during the week compared to your weekend, then set activity goals and record your progress, across any given period of time. Next there’s your communication, from time spent on the phone to hours dedicated to reading through work and personal emails. Interested in how much time you’re allocating to everyday entertainment? Then allow the Lifelog app to show you time spent catching up on your reading, enjoying a little gaming or browsing various apps and the internet. Whatever life throws at you, now you can see how you’re interacting with your world.

Apps for every occasion
A SmartWatch powered by Android Wear is forever expandable. As developers create new ways for you to customise and enjoy the Android Wear experience, SmartWatch 3 becomes increasingly yours and perpetually personalised.

Android Wear for smarter updates
Android Wear knows who you are, where you are and what you like so it’s able to feed you relevant and specific information at a glance, on the go. It could be flight information, tips based on your interests or messages of any kind. User input is seldom necessary but if you need to interact with Android Wear, voice input is the easiest and most effective way.

Impressive performance on and offline
Even without your smartphone, SmartWatch 3 is a fun and useful accessory. Try filling it with music and taking it for a run - its sensors will track your activity and movement so you can sync it with Lifelog when you get home. And with an impressive in-built 4Gb memory,you’ll always have a diverse selection of music to choose from, whether you need a motivation burst for the last stretch or something mellow to relax your mind.

Empowering activity
Packed with innovative sensor technology, SmartWatch 3 accurately logs your activity then displays it along with stunning graphics in the Lifelog app. GPS keeps track of your location and movement, gyro-technology works out direction and the advanced accelerometer senses whether you’re walking or running. Your SmartWatch 3 then sends that data back to your smartphone via Bluetooth, where you can keep constant track of your day-to-day activity.

Never miss a thing with a second screen
For every call, message or notification that’s received on your smartphone, SmartWatch 3 will alert you with a gentle vibration. So now it’s even easier to stay in touch with image, text, caller ID and answer alerts appearing right there on your wrist.

Designed for life
Whatever your lifestyle, SmartWatch 3 is designed to complement it. Enjoy the high quality finish of a stainless steel core, which is also compliant with an industry-leading waterproof rating (IP68), so you can always embrace the elements. You can also choose from a wide selection of wrist straps to match your mood. From formal and sophisticated to vibrant, casual and fitness styles, each one is engineered to last and made from the finest materials. Alongside a Hi-Res (320x320 pixel) 1.6" display that’s always on, a Quad Core processor and 4G internal memory, the SmartWatch 3 also has an impressive 2 day battery life, meaning it can keep going as long as you can. With the SmartWatch 3 on your wrist, you will never miss a thing.

A companion
The SmartWatch 3 is the perfect companion for at-home entertainment. Use it to control your network of devices, browse tracks and move between media on your smartphone, tablet or Walkman.


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