Hey, folks!

Our Crazy Black Friday followed by Cyber Monday 2016 has conquered huge success! We are grateful to you all on being a part of this victorious journey. The entire team at Crazydeals.com is on pins and needles to ensure that we ship incalculable units to our customers within the shortest span of time.

Celebrate Extravagance of “Black Friday” 2016

Are you ready for Black Friday 2016?

Coming straight from the United States, Black Friday is the day of promotions. More and more stores and shops make this special day to sell stocks before the Christmas/ Holiday period. When shopping for of holiday season, especially with the arrival of Christmas, Americans are all seeking the best deals and discounts in order to save their future family meal that includes turkey and chocolates or gifts of demanding children. Whether in stores or on the Internet, all promotions are used wisely; but most people do not necessarily expect the "Black Friday" for exclusive promotions, some do not even know the existence of this day. In the UAE, folks eagerly wait for the Black Friday mania to strike in town.


What is the Black Friday date in 2016?

This year November 25th, 2016 is the DAY to mark on your calendars! To take advantage of Black Friday. This is the perfect time to enjoy these promotions and spend sparingly.


The American History

Black Friday falls every year on the first Friday after Thanksgiving, the annual holiday celebrated in the United States of America on the last Thursday of November. This is a very special Friday in which department stores or online merchants offer impressive discounts on all rays, giant balances.


Why the term "Black"?

This phrase has two meanings: the first refers to the crowds of people and cars on the streets in America the day after the American family celebration. This event occurs just after the famous festival in which the American spoil their relatives who can then spend money during Black Friday. In the UAE, you can complete the circle by shopping online at Crazydeals.com.


The other way round!

Black Friday is also called "Crazy Friday" or "Friday Fou" because of thousands - even millions - of people camped outside stores before opening and rushed inside to win - sometimes wildly - the most popular product, offering the best discounts. Completely crazy right?


How can you spree “Black Friday” online?

At least by looking for low prices during the Black Friday on Crazydeals.com, you reduce the risk of falls, brawl or just the disappointment of having planted a tent in front of department stores to get a "out of stock".


Why await for “Black Friday”?

Crazydeals “Black Friday” is the opportunity to really make a good profit! Last year, you were here to enjoy the festivities of Black Friday. This year, we have learned from your taste for this holiday to help you shop till you drop; without any web stampede!


How to enjoy and buy cheaper with Crazydeals.com?

What attracts consumers in UAE is the reduction offered by the Black Friday: Up to 85% discounts on various products offered by stores or on the Internet, which is a rather attractive figure for savings.


What products do you get on Crazydeals.com on this day?

The bestselling products in this day of Black Friday are mobiles, tablets, clothing, multimedia, toys, home decoration, household appliances, jewellery, watches, perfumes, sunglasses and video games. This list will fuels your desire to shop more!


When can you start shopping?

You can start shopping from 12:00 am – 22nd November 2016. Download the latest Crazydeals App to get some specials. Stay tuned on our website for upcoming Black Friday deals and deductions.