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The Samsung Galaxy View is entertainment on your terms. Stream content on an 18.4" full HD display with stereo sound.

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Thin and light, the Galaxy TabPro S is designed with the sleek lines you expect from Samsung.

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With Quick Connect, send videos and photos from your Galaxy Tab S2 screen to your Samsung Smart TV

Everything you want in one place

new customizable interface, where you can put your favorite streaming apps, games and more

Dynamic brightness to reveal Full HD

1,000-nit High Dynamic Range, you’ll notice sharp contrast and subtle details that were once reserved


You won’t settle for inferior picture. That’s why our Intelligent Picture Engine enhances lower-definition

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In the top 3 of the world's mobile phone vendors, Samsung offers ever more innovative and powerful smartphones and accessories with seductive and practical technologies. The Korean brand offers consumers a variety of products to reach as many people as possible. This ensures that you find the right model for your use and needs. Now at Crazydeals.com, all mobile users can find a Samsung phone easy to take in hand. Beyond the criteria, we at Crazydeals.com online shopping store will do our best to help you to buy your Samsung products at the best price of the web.

How to choose the right Samsung phone?

The Samsung brand has the advantage of bringing to the market an extended mobile offer. It is a force, but also a handicap for people who know little about it. In order for you to get the most out of the features and benefits of your phone, you need to ask yourself the right questions. Genuine small handheld computers, Samsung smartphones logically host your videos, photos and other multimedia files (movies, music,). Some Samsung mobiles are available in several versions, up to 128GB of memory. If you're a standard user, you'll be moving to entry-level models with 4GB storage or to average phones, with 16GB memory.

The mobile phone market has seen a plethora of different and varied mobiles. The manufacturer Samsung has quickly distinguished itself by developing very different phones of each other, from simple mobile to high-end smartphone, to meet the needs of the greatest number. While the simple mobile phones and entry-level smartphones of the Korean firm remain affordable for most purses, other smartphones at tremendous prices can curb the desire to acquire a product both design and performance.

Samsung offers an SD card port allowing you to expand the memory according to your needs. As a bonus, the Samsung brand equips its most known and high-end models with a system of fast charging to take advantage of your phone to the maximum. The ranges of Samsung tablets, accessories, and smartphones offered at Crazydeals.com by Samsung are vast and heterogeneous. All the models are attractive, quality components. With us, you can buy a Samsung smartphone at the best market price.

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